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The most entertaining bar prep materials on the market

Read. Listen. Study. Watch. Repeat.

Traditional bar prep is often called tedious, boring, and overwhelming.   So we fixed it.
Entertainment and gamification are both scientifically proven to increase motivation and improve retention - and our Lawflix content uses both for a one-of-a-kind bar prep experience. Lawflix film studies teach and reinforce concepts needed for the essays, highlighting legal principles in an entertaining and memorable way. Lawflix's exclusive novel Son of a Sleeper Spy is an engaging legal thriller that guides students through topics that are prevalent on the MBE section of the exam. The companion course to the novel and searchable question bank of licensed MBE questions offers additional insights into the ways these principles are tested. 

Take a look at our innovative bar prep solutions. 

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Lawflix Essentials:

  • 12 film studies

  • 4 essay exam questions using the principles from the film studies

  • The novel Son of a Sleeper Spy in ebook and audiobook formats

  • Together, this content teaches and reinforces over 150 key principles needed for the bar exam.

  • Instant and unlimited access

Essentials Plus:

  • Lawflix Essentials plus the companion course to the novel Son of a Sleeper Spy with 90 focused MBE exam questions licensed from the National Conference of Bar Examiners with detailed explanations

  • Gamification that rewards you and keeps you motivated with additional bonus film studies

  • Includes a searchable question bank with 1210 additional licensed MBE questions from the NCBE

  • Instant and unlimited access

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Coaching Package (limited spots available):

  • All of the above and a 3-week group coaching program with the creator of Lawflix

  • Anatomy of an Essay primer training

  • Roadmap to our content and accountability with key insights to fully prepare you for the bar

  • To be arranged by email with times that are convenient to the group

“Studying black letter law is miserable and monotonous. This book totally changed that! Son of a Sleeper Spy helped me understand law concepts by putting them in context and also provides a great resource to aid in recall.” – Meghan O.

“This is an amazing legal thriller that helped me grasp some of the areas of law I had been struggling with while preparing to pass the Bar Exam.*I just found out that I passed the Bar Exam! I highly recommend everyone preparing for the Bar read this book while studying.*” - Kathy

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