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Our Story and Team

The Lawflix team consists of three friends from high school, Evan, Hilary and Ryan. Each took a separate career path only to be reunited with one purpose: to develop an effective solution to bar exam preparation. 

After numerous bar exam failures and over three years of putting his career on hold, Evan’s eventual success came through writing stories that brought the law to life. This side hobby/study habit eventually grew into Law Thrillers – engaging novels that also teach legal principles. His novels helped him and others pass the bar, and he developed a passion for helping law students avoid what he went through. 


Partnering with Hilary and Ryan, utilizing the unique aspects of their careers, they created Lawflix – a library of bar prep materials that are effective AND entertaining. The mission of Lawflix is to help law students reinvigorate their studies, enjoy the process of studying for the bar, successfully retain knowledge, and ultimately pass the exam.

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Evan J. Law:
Attorney, author, Lawflix creator.


After writing numerous asylum applications for immigrants who lived through harrowing situations, Evan developed an interest in writing stories that explored themes of international suspense, conspiracy, and corruption. When he's not creating problematic scenarios through fiction he's solving real-life issues as an attorney. 

Hilary Whitesides:
Copywriter, messaging specialist, committed communicator, and Lawflix Chief Marketing Officer.


Hilary got her start as a writer/messaging specialist in Junior High as she helped friends craft the perfect “break-up” or “make-up” note. She has since received a degree in Communications and has worked for 15+ years as a freelance copywriter. 

Ryan Wood:
Professional actor, NBC affiliate director of television engineering, Lawflix lead actor and Chief Financial Officer.

Ryan is the product of a small-town high school theater program that became a recognized force in State and National theater competitions. He later received a BFA in Musical Theater Performance and has performed in many stage, film, commercial, and television productions. 

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