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Fixing Traditional Bar Prep
Entertaining material energizes your study, brings you back for more, and improves retention.

The Bar Prep Dilemma:

• Despite rigorous bar prep programs bar passage rates still aren't high enough

The average bar passage rate over the past ten years is 64% annually* **

• The volume of material to cover is overwhelming

• Many methods of study are boring and tedious and lead to burnout

The Lawflix Solution:

• Lawflix uses legal thrillers and film studies to teach and entertain

Study + entertainment = engagement and retention
• Engaging material helps fight burnout

• Entertainment leads to retention and keeps you coming back for more

* See (this shows a 66% average annual passage rate from 2012 -2021, excluding Louisiana, Guam, Puerto Rico, N. Mariana Islands, the Virgin Islands, and Palau).

** See (the bar passage rate for all exam takers in the states noted above for 2022 and 2023 was 62% and 63%, respectively, equating to a ten-year-average of 64%).

Missing Piece
                   Film Studies

Ever wonder why it's easier to quote a line from a favorite movie or remember a favorite scene in detail than it is to remember what you just read in a textbook? At Lawflix, we combine the two. 

Lawflix film studies teach and reinforce legal principles through movie and TV clips ensuring you are entertained while you learn so you can retain more and avoid burnout. 

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Legal Thrillers

LawThrillers legal thrillers are available exclusively through Lawflix and teach 130 of the most common legal principles tested on the bar exam. 

What can you expect from the novels? Watch the video to take a sneak peak into the world of LawThrillers. 

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