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Bar prep that is as entertaining as it is effective.

The perfect hybrid of entertainment and study.

Whether you're looking to start preparing for the bar early, are searching for a solution to study burnout, or want the perfect supplemental materials for your current study plan, Lawflix is for you. 

Study + Entertainment = Retention

Experts agree that, regardless of age, entertainment components increase learning and retention. Lawflix gives you the foundation for success: a calm and focused mind with an interest level that keeps you engaged to retain what you learn.

Our Mission


Not only do we want you to pass the bar, but we want you to enjoy preparing for and taking the bar. It's that simple. 

Film Slate Marker
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Film Studies


Reinforce legal principles through clips and scenes from popular films and TV shows.  

Legal Thrillers


Thrilling novels that also teach legal principles? Yes, please.  

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