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How humor can improve your bar prep

Good news: laughter isn’t just the best medicine for your everyday life, it also has the potential to improve your preparation for the bar exam.

A study conducted by professors at Towson university showed that humorous videos that correlate with the subject matter being learned “more effectively reinforce the material and significantly increase retention in the short and long term.”

So, wait. You’re telling me that watching a funny video can actually be a more effective way to learn and retain knowledge…even when studying for something as important as the bar exam? Sign me up. Could it be that endless small print in oversized (and overpriced) books isn’t the end all to learning? (Cue collective sigh of relief.)

As if it weren’t enough that humor and laughter are officially good for the learning process, they’re also just straight up good for you. According to the Mayo Clinic, laughter is scientifically proven to relieve stress and relax your mind and body by increasing endorphins in your brain and circulation throughout your body and decreasing your heart rate and blood pressure. In other words, adding applicable humorous videos into your bar prep routine should be a no-brainer which, as it turns out, will be very good for your brain.

In the immortal lyrics of “I love to laugh” sung by Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke in the classic Mary Poppins, “The more you laugh, the more you fill with glee. And the more the glee, the more we’re a merrier we!” And not just merrier. It would seem, the more we laugh, the smarter we can also be – which, to continue the rhyming trend, sounds pretty good to me.

Sick (pun intended) and tired of traditional bar prep? Laughter truly might be the best medicine. Check out how Lawflix can replace burnout with entertainment and help you pass the bar.

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